Cindy Solomon, LCSW

Therapy is trying to figure out what you want in your life
and trying to get an understanding of what
gets in the way of you getting it.

What if we had the courage to look inside?  What if we had the capacity to really see what was there and know that we could handle it, whatever it was?  And what if we had the tools to apply that understanding with wisdom and compassion into our daily lives, our actions, and our relationships? This could make the difference between just stagnantly surviving and moving forward towards a more fulfilling existence.

Thinking about reaching out for help is tough. I believe the best way for people to confront the more difficult parts of themselves is in a safe therapeutic environment.  The idea of finding the right  therapist for you can be daunting and scary.  My non-judgmental approach aims to build a safe and authentic patient-therapist relationship that will allow us to face your struggles and fears together.

I offer short-term therapy or longer exploration. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), and am a trained psychoanalytically informed psychotherapist.

My style of therapy is warm, intuitive, collaborative and challenging. Your therapeutic relationship has to feel like a ‘good fit’, so I use my curiosity and experience to discover what feels right. Through increased awareness and insight, therapy will help you make healthier choices, and let go of old patterns. You may feel a strength and wisdom you haven’t felt in a while. In time, you may feel better and see your difficulties through a different lens, and develop different ways of responding to familiar obstacles.